New 15mm French Seven Years War

15mm French Seven Years War


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Here is our range


15mm  French 7yrs War

SYWF01 – March Attack Full Coat SYWF02 – Advancing Full Coat
SYWF03 – Firing Full Coat SYWF04 – March Attack Open Coat
SYWF05 – Advancing Open Coat
SYWF06 – Firing Open Coat 
SYWF07 - French Command
SYWF08 – Grenadier March Attack 
SYWF09 – Grenadier Advancing
SYWF10 – Grenadier Command
SYWF11 – Fischers Chassuers
SYWF12 – Fischers Command
SYWF14 - French Garde  Advancing 
SYWF15 – French Garde March Attack 
SYWF16 – French Garde Command SYWF20 – Dragoons   
SYWF21 - Dragoon Command SYWF22 – Dismounted Dragoons 
SYWF23 – Dismounted Dragoon Command SYWF26 – Heavy Cavalry
SYWF27 – Heavy Cavalry Command SYWF28 – French Horse Grenadiers
SYWF29 – French Garde Cavalry SYWF31 – Hussar 
SYWF32 – Hussar Command SYWF35 – Artillery Crew
SYWF40 – Generals  

Battle packs available £17ea

  Working on Next

10mm Pony Wars additions on Friday,

8 new codes

and lots of

10mm Napoleonic's and Biblical very soon

 others we are working on -

15mm Russian 7yrs War and additions

10mm Napoleonic's

10mm Biblical

10mm Ancients - Celts, Persians and Indians

18mm India - Wellington in India