Designer Armies in 15 & 25mm

Designer Armies in 15mm & 25mm


Our designer armies have proved to be very popular since they were introduced years ago and I hope that you will see our prices give you the best value around with the maximum amount of flexibility, the armies can be made up from several different periods and armies, if your armies exceeds the 100pc or 200pc + figures can be costed by pro – rata.



15mm Armies

100 piece for only £160 and our 200 piece for £300

25mm Armies

100 piece for only £420 and our 200 piece for £800



Postage UK £15 per 200pc or £8.00 per 100 pc, overseas see postage rates

Now you can get a discount and send those figures lying around in your draws, those projects you never got around too.

We can also supply the figures we can get them for you at cost to us


If you decide you want to use our instore ranges for painting and use the discount code for a 25% discount on those miniatures -

Lancashire Games, Hinchliffe Miniatures, Venexia& Blaze Away


                  you can buy these directly off the site using code    -   paint25


Basing is 10% of the painting cost but to make an army blend with other figures we recommend you base your own if possible


When choosing your armies either the traditional 200pc or the more compact 100pc army use the following tables as your guide.


                                                                15mm                              25mm

Foot figure or horse                              1 piece                            1 piece

Horse & rider                                         2 pieces                          1.5 pieces

Cannon or limber model                      2 pieces                          1 piece   

2 horse chariot and crew                    6 pieces                           6 pieces

4 horse chariot and crew                   10 pieces                         10 pieces

Elephant and crew                               6  pieces                         6 pieces




                                      i.e. 15mm Army size 150pc unbased cost 1.5 x £160 = £240 + £20.00p&p


                        castings either sent to us, or ordered using the discount code on our site

                        or acquired at cost from another manufacturer any problems email us at -

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