7th July 2015

Hi a little late with the blog, but its been a hectic few months, but at last more new ranges, the samples for the 15mm Renaissance, Napoleon in Egypt and WW1 Middle East will be on the site in a day or two for your last votes before we get stuck in, don't forget the one with the most votes will be up first and our 25 % pre release offer.

Our Club discount scheme will be ready soon hopefully we are compiling the list of clubs ready for its launch in a week or two so watch your mail boxes and if you haven't already register your club hopefully you will like the scheme, plus it will be there for people to find your club and hopefully get you a few extra members.

Thanks for all the pictures send in from everyone I'm always interested as are lots of people to see the different styles of real gamers and the games they play.

My personnel challenge come new armies, is my Punic war collection,  the moment completed the African Heavy Infantry, all the Celt foot and the Carthaginian Heavy cavalry, pictures up next week and the next addition will be Celt cavalry.

That's it just to say watch out soon for some new Blaze Away 28mm Spanish as well......