Fob2 7yrs War Game c1757



This weekend after a well deserved holiday Simon W game over for a game of 7yrs war


Below two shots of the table 


The Armies



Brigade1 – 2 Garde Infantry Units, 2 Grenadier units, 2 Musketeers and 1 artillery battery

Brigade 2 – 1 Grenadier unit, 2 Fusilier Units, 2 Musketeer and 2 artillery Batteries

Brigade 3 – 1 Grenadier unit, 2 Fusilier Units, 4 Musketeer and 2 artillery Batteries

Brigade 4 – 2 Fusilier Units, 4 Musketeer and 2 artillery Batteries

Brigade 5 – 2 Fusilier Units, 6 Musketeer and 2 artillery Batteries


Cavalry Brigade 1 – 3 Kuirassier units, 1 Hussar unit and 1 Dragoon

Cavalry Brigade 2 – 1 Kuirassier units, 1 Hussar unit and 2 Dragoon

Cavalry Brigade 2 – 1 Kuirassier units, 1 Hussar unit and 2 Dragoon + H/A battery



Brigade1 – 1 Grenze, 1 Grenadier units, 4 Musketeers and 2 artillery batteries

Brigade2 – 1 Grenze, 1 Grenadier units, 4 Musketeers and 2 artillery batteries

Brigade3– 1 Grenze, 6 Musketeers and 2 artillery batteries

Brigade4– 1 Grenze, 5 Musketeers and 2 artillery batteries

Brigade5 – 3 Grenadier units,1 Grenze, 2 Musketeers and 2 artillery batteries

Brigade6– 2 Bavarian Grenadier units,4 Musketeers and 2 artillery batteries


Cavalry Brigade 1 – 4 Kuirassier units and 1 Dragoon

Cavalry Brigade 2 - 3 Hussars and 1 Dragoon

Cavalry Brigade 3 - 2 hussar, I dragoon and 1 Kuirassier units

Cavalry Brigade 4 - 2 hussar, I dragoon and 1 Kuirassier units


We use cards to deploy visability is 24 inches, and compulsary deployment when you come within  that distance

you can always opt to show the brigade especially if you want to move faster

Movement of the cards is as per the C in C die until theyare visble 

Movement oputside of 24" is normal move ( 8 inch infantry and 12 inch cavalry), once withing that distance its half speed


Austrian Deployment

Prussian Deployment


The Austrians deployed on the left hand side of the table in the following order from there left flank, two cavalry brigades 2 and 3, next to them in order infantry brigades 2, 1 and 3 to there rear cavalry brigade1 and Infantry brigade 5, in the centre infantry Brigade 4 and opposite the village on the right flank the 6 the Bavarian brigade and finally on the right the 4th Cavalry Brigade


The Prussians under my mate Simon deployed L-R the 1st and 2nd Cavalry brigades with the 2nd infantry brigade to there right next came the 5th and 3rd Brigade with the Guard brigade and the 4th Line brigade and covered on the Prussian Right by the 3rd cavalry brigade.


The Austrian plan was to hold on the right with the Bavarians an supporting cavalry, a push toward the central village but just to keep the Prussians interested and fixed, in the centre 2 brigades supported by the grenadiers and heavy cavalry where to attack while on the left the valiant 2nd brigade was to clear the village ad woods to allow the two left wing cavalry brigades a free run around the Prussian flank.


Once the fog of war had lifted as the Austrian player I held my ground moving slowly with the Bavarians toward the village and putting down artillery support for the cavalry wing, giving the first cards to the Prussians and move cards appearing gave them a head start 


On the Austrian left I withdrew the two cavalry brigades back behind the stream tempting the Prussians forward and forward they came as the Valiant Infantry of the Austrian 2nd headed to the tiny hamlet and wood. On the Austrian right the Bavarian artillery caused significant discomfiture for the Prussian horse to fall back, in the centre slowly lumbering forward the Austrians shook themselves into position. But better deck will out and the Prussians stormed into the village on the Austrian Left and into the central village, the central village was taken by the large 5th brigade of Prussia and occupied and remained the whole day

 Austrian Left the 2nd Infantry brigade storming the wood


the Austrian centre left brigades 1 and 3 with the Cavalry Brigade 1 and the card is brigade 3 not seen yet

The Austrian 4th Brigade taking the hill and skirmishing with the Prussians - notice the Prussian cavalry in the top right

The Austrian Right the Bavarians approach the village and their artillery bombard the Prussian Cavalry, the Austrian Cavalry sit and wait

the Reverse view the Prussian Left watching the Bavarians and the sneak cavalry wheeling to the right


Prussian centre showing 2nd brigade and the 5th brigade occupying the village

Prussian right showing the Prussian 4th Brigade doing two tasks and leaving half the brigade facing the Austrians ooops



The Austrian 4th Brigade supporting the Bavarians skirmished with the Prussian 5th Division in the village, waiting and occupying the high ground just to the south of the village, but the 5th Prussian brigade bringing two batteries forward soon pushed the Grenze skirmishing back, as the Austrian centre continued lumbering forward to the left the Austrian 2nd Brigade stormed the woods the opposing Prussian 4th Brigade split and sent half its strength to the wood and half to the village and the Prussian 3rd Cavalry brigade supported them. The Austrians quickly got the upper hand and the diverted Prussian half Brigade moved to support its comrades in the wood, but too late the Austrian line in a series of fusillades saw off the Prussians off, along with one of the Prussian batteries, the Austrians lost there grenadiers in rout as the Prussian Cavalry got embroiled in supporting the infantry, only to see the Austrian Cavalry 8 regiments strong recross the stream to support the victorious Austrian Infantry.


The Austrians skirmish in the centre and Ar#illery are thrown out bu the Prussians

 The Guards artillery is destroyed by Austrian Artillery




On the Austrian right, the Bavarian brigade started to get into the village and the supporting Austrian cavalry ably supported by a Bavarian battery also crossed the stream.


The Prussian 1st Cavalry unable to get around the flank swung right and toward the Austrian 4th Infantry brigade skirmishing with the Prussians in the village, after suffering notable casualties it seemed a breakthrough might happen. Luckily for the Austrian Infantry, the delay of the stream gave time to try and realign and for some Bavarian Artillery to unlimber in support and the Prussians met by withering fire and artillery shot halted or broke.


Meanwhile, Austrian brigades 1 and 3 came through in the centre and engaged the Prussian Guards behind the stream and the Prussians in the village with artillery, destroying the Guards artillery support. At this point, the Austrian Cuirassiers, Cavalry brigade 1, swung to the left to get around the woods supporting the other cavalry in an attempt to outflank the Prussian.



The fight over for the wood and village on the Austrian left the Cavalry cross the stream


The Kuirassiers add the weight to the left to try and get around the guards holding the stream  you can see 3rd Austrian Brigade using its artillery and a few battalions to keep the Prussians off there flank, just over the stream u can see the card for the reserve Prussian brigade, and the Austrian 5th brigade card

 The small but violent Prussian counterattack on the 4th Austrian Brigade brought to a halt by volley after volley and Artillery support from the Bavarians

Austrian Right wing crosses the stream   


 You can see the accessories we use to display the unit strengths neat and easy to see but not easy to see by your opponent

 the centre the Prussians holding the village and the 2nd brigade to there left supporting them as th cavalry launch its attack on the Austrian 4th Brigade, you can see the lines of Austrian infantry and artillery of the 3rd brigade as it moves to assault the Prussian Garde

 The Prussian Guards and supports, you can see the Prussians running from the woods and Austrian Infantry appearing, look out Frederick!

 The Austrian Grenadiers in rout ( top left) as the Austrian Cavalry with infantry support cross to take on the Prussian Cavalry already with losses and under fire 


At this point with chits falling thick and fast for the Prussians, the Prussian Right either in rout or about to be swamped by 13 cavalry regiments, the Prussian Guards being mowed down unable to reply to the

Austrian Batteries at cannister range and 2 more batteries moving to support with only the untouched 3rd Prussian Brigade for a rear guard the Prussian Army called a retreat. Another great game. I think the Prussians tied up too much in the central village and deployed themselves the full battlefield and thus no real attacking force to break the Austrians, but like all FoB2 games it had its high and low moments for both sides and was a thoroughly entertaining battle